Activities carried on under the quality standard rules

All the operations within Handling are monitored also throught the software infrastructure including our WMS (Warehouse Management System) to ensure the highest quality standards.

The process and the control parameters for incoming and outgoing cargo :

  • Pictures and video of container intake with details of seals and status of cargo upon opening of the doors.

  • Process and sorting in case of damaged bags ascertained upon landing with strict control on separation of non- compliant quality

  • Control of status of bags: marks, condensations, unstiching and other no conformity ascertained.

  • Sampling during the discharing of cargo.

  • Moisture control.

  • Weighing of bags and storage.

  • Sampling for further dispatch of representative sample to the customer.

  • Communication to the client of details of landing, weights and other information.

  • Sampling for Arbitration purposes.

  • Process of preparation of cargo for outbound, paletization and wrap&strap.

  • Rewighing according to European Coffee Contract.

  • Repacking/rebagging

  • Handling of cargo for BIG BAGS filling (repacking and bags replacement)

  • Cleaning of condensation on coffee bags and rebagging in new and personalized jute bags

  • Assistance to sampling for analysis according to DPR 470/76 with the presence of Custom officer

  • Reweighing and preparation of cargo for outbond

  • Truck loading and preparation of transport

  • Documentation for Italy destination (DDT) or abroad (CMR)